Great Harvest Bread
Soups & Sandwiches
Taste the difference Great Harvest bread makes. Premium Great Harvest bread combined with select fresh ingredients make a delicious and wholesome sandwich. Salads are available with a selection of homeade dressings and delicious soups are available during the winter months. Come in and let us make one for you!   Call ahead or order on line and we can have your order ready for you. We can deliver for orders called in of 6 sandwiches or more.

Served in store: 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.  For Pick Up or Delivery, please call (704) 971-7280

Sandwiches (All sandwiches are made with mayo, mustard, romaine lettuce, tomato & red onion)

Calorie counts based on honewy whole wheat bread selection

BLT - $6.75 Crispy smoky bacon, tomato slices and romaine (Cal. 460)

California Cobb - $7.95  Turkey, avocado, bacon, blue cheese spread (Cal. 560)

Chimichurri Roast Beef - $7.95  Roast beef and Swiss cheese drizzled with a savory chimichurri sauce (Cal. 640)

Egg Salad $6.75 Chopped Eggs with sweet pickles, mayo and paprika (Cal. 520)

Veggie Three Seed Hummus - $7.25  Roasted sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds purified with chickpeas in a healthy protein packed hummus spread with carrots, cucumbers and sprouts (Cal. 540)

Ham & Swiss - $7.25  Honey smoked ham & swiss cheese (Cal. 600)

Baja Chipotle Turkey - $7.50  Smoked turkey with a chipotle honey lime yogurt sauce, shaved cabbage, pickled red onions, avocado and pepper jack cheese (Cal. 630)

Harvest Veggie - $7.25 Fresh pepper rings, cucumber slices, provolone, cheddar and red pepper garlic spread (Cal. 620)

Louisville Chicken Salad - $7.25  Chunky chicken in seasoned mayo with sweet & spicy pecans (Cal. 700)

Ham & Brie - $7.50  Fresh sliced os smoked ham paired with warm brie slices, crisp apples and an apriot dijon honey spread (Cal. 530)

Queen City Club - $8.50 Turkey, ham, bacon, provolone , cheddar on wheat and white (Cal. 950)

Roast Beef & Provolone - $7.50  Roast beef and provolone cheese (Cal. 600)

Tuna Salad - $7.25  Chunk white albacore tuna with seasoned mayo (Cal. 610)

Turkey & Swiss - $7.25 Smokey turkey breast & Swiss Cheese (Cal. 600)

Turkey Crunch - $7.25  Smoked turkey breast, seasoned mayo, cucumber, fresh pepper rings, lettuce & tomato (Cal. 530)

Salads & Soup
The Garden Gourmand - $7.75 large; $5.50 small  Red's Greens & In-Betweens - A combination of mixed greens, red onion, strawberries, raisins, pecans and crumbled blue cheese with your choice of homemade Sweet Poppyseed Vinaigrette or Raspberry Vinaigrette (Cal. 950/450)

The Yardbird $7.75 large $5.50 small Mixed greens, chicken, spiced seeds  & nuts, roasted chic peas, golden raisins, and parmesan cheese.  Topped with a house-made avocado goddess dressing.  (Cal. 660/300)  

Chef Salad - $7.75 large  $5.50 Romaine lettuce, tomato & cucumber slices, turkey, cheddar & Swiss cheese (Cal. 750/360)

Harvest Salad - $6.95 large 4.95 small Romaine lettuce, cranberries, sunflower seeds, parmesan cheese, sweet & spicy pecans and apples (Cal. 720/350)

Chicken Salad Salad - $6.95 large $4.95 small  Louisville chicken salad on romaine lettuce with tomato and cucumber slices (Cal. 600-400)

Tuna Salad Salad - $6.95 large $4.95 small  Tuna salad on romaine letuce, harvest pepper slices, red onion and cucumber slices (Cal. 550-350)

Soup of the Day - $3.50 (S) $5.45 (L) Bowl of our daily soup.

Kids Corner
PB&J - $3.50  Peanut butter & grape jelly on white bread (Cal. 650)

Cheese - $3.75 Sliced cheddar on buttered white bread (Cal. 340-370)


Baja Chipotle Turkey Sandwich

A fresh kick to a turkey sandwich! Piled high with pepper jack cheese, avocado, chipotle honey lime yogurt sauce, shaved cabbage, pickled red onions and tomatoes. Simply Delicious!

Ham & Brie

Fresh slices of smoked ham paired with warm Brie, slices of crisp green apple, and an apricot Dijon honey spread.

California Cobb

Fresh avocado, smoked turkey breast, crispy bacon, and bleu cheese spread with thin sliced red onion, romaine lettuce, sliced tomato, salt and pepper.

Great Harvest Bread of North Charlotte
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